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POCA Latest Actions: Rita Bennett was re-elected to her position -full minutes not available at this time.

Important Information: The POCA Board wishes to again point out that the golf course cannot be used by POCA members for any purpose other than playing golf. Additionally, you must either be a golf course member or have paid daily greens fees in order to play golf on the course. The swimming pool must only be used by members holding a Resident Pool Pass. Others will be asked to leave and could face prosecution if they fail to comply.

Four reminders: 1. Please pick up after your dog. 2. Garbage pick-up is Monday and Thursday each week. 3. Yard waste pick-up is the first and third Wednesday of each month. 4. Yard trash must be tied in bundles or put in containers or plastic bags. NEW - If you have a complaint or suggestion, please click on the following link for a copy of the NEWLY REVISED  Complaint Form -You can print this form while on line.

Please click on following link for details discussed at Wednesday meeting. Connecting to Sebring water and sewer system This will give you incite into what this connection may mean to our community. We will try to give you updates as soon as we get them.

Lawn Watering Schedule and Times
Even addresses may water on Thursday and/or Sunday before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m.
Odd addresses may water on Wednesday and/or Saturday before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m
This will become increasingly more important as possible water changes may soon happen
For more information from the Southwest Florida Water Management District click here Click on this link for most up-to-date infomation.

Prairie Oaks Community Association
at The Country Club of Sebring
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Christmas rappidly approaches and the excitement and wonder of the season is in the air
A Deed Restricted Community
Where to look in this website
RRC Committee has a new Exterior Alteration Form available if you are making improvements to your property, Please note this form was revised May 28th, 2014. Click on the above link to see and/or print this form.
Need a mailbox or mailbox repair?
Larry Manlove
is back and ready to make or repair your mailbox. .
Total box-$110.00
·Roof only-$25
·Sides/back & roof-$45
·Door & hinge-$15
·Flag & base attachment-$10
·2-2x6x32” rails from post-$25
Includes removal, installation & painting
Each box must be inspected before a final repair cost will be given
Contact Larry Manlove at 5064 Strafford Oaks Dr. or Call at 302-381-4914
What is going on at the clubhouse?
Click on activities for listing of monthly activities.

Message from committees: Remember our motto "If you don't like what you see... VOLUNTEER" Check out some event  pictures by clicking on link above.
Show your colors. Display the symbol of our country at your homes
BEAR with us !!!
As you may or may not know, recently there have been some Bear sightings in the Country Club of Sebring residential community.  Our POCA President, Bob Cochran, has spoken to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and they have provided the brochures linked below and their website just below;

The following posters give direction as to what we in our community need to do or not do:
Feeding Rule Flyer
Living Bear Country ;Scare that bear
Securing Garbage options ;You live in bear country
Click on any of the above links to see the posters.

Notice:Defacing signs and other types of vandalism are illegal and residents are asked to watch their areas carefully so that this can be stopped and those responsible prosecuted.